Jim is very good at what he does and he provided our team with tremendous insight into the world of trucking and truck brokering.  
Thank you again and I look forward to working with D&A consultants again soon.
Yours, Dara Khajavi

Jim Acock brings to the table an outstanding and comprehensive understanding of big rig truck operations, yard protocols, loading procedures, including nearly everything having to do with the operation, logistics and related matters concerning big rig trucking companies.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Jim on a big rig loading case. There was a lot at stake in the case. I am pleased to say that Jim's testimony made the difference in our ability to ultimately settle the case in advance of trial. He had skillfully analyzed the evidence and provided a no nonsense integration of the facts with performance standards.
I look to Jim to analyze virtually any big rig accident for us.


Del Hovden, MOSS HOVDEN, Whittier, CA

I hired D &A on a case back in 2007. We just settled it in November of 2011. Without D &A, the case never would have settled anywhere near the large number we settled for. My clients deserved the large settlement and the trucking company was exposed(which it deserved) for its gross misconduct because of D&A's wonderful work. This was my first trucking case. D&A taught me more about trucking litigation then I could ever have imagined. He was the catalyst for me deciding to go out on my own and focus on plaintiff trucking litigation.


- Phoenix Az Attorney

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in the above-referenced case.  As you will remember, this was a very large drug smuggling case involving a vehicle hauler.  You were able to provide me the “education” I needed in the vehicle-hauling business and during our discussions, you came up with excellent ideas regarding significant “gaps” and inconsistencies in the defendant’s story to law enforcement.  You were able to thoroughly prepare me for the trial.  Your professionalism and experience made a huge difference to me in the preparation of this case for litigation.  

--Marna McLendon, Phoenix, AZ ---- Assistant Attorney General (retired)

Just a note to express my deep appreciation for the superb work and high level of professionalism which you brought to our case.

--Louis Marjon, Albuquerque, NM

On behalf of our client, our firm and myself, together with George Chandler, we appreciate very much the opportunity to work with you in this matter.  I wanted to send a personal note of thanks and appreciation for your outstanding work throughout this case.  It was a pleasure to have you onboard and your excellent report and findings proved to be one of the fundamental reasons in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.  I can assure you our client was very satisfied with the results.

--Nick Nichols, Houston, TX

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